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Guests often ask about the background story to the hotel and guesthouse.


It starts with an Englishman who was working in São Paulo nearly twenty years ago and who visited Paraty with some friends one rainy weekend. He immediately fell in love with the town, rented an old house in the Centro Histórico and came back to visit almost every weekend.


His housekeeper occasionally enlisted the help of a local youth, who was effectively homeless and living on a boat at the time. The Englishman thought the boy should complete his education and so sent him to school in São Paulo.  A few years later when the Englishman went to live in Europe, his Brazilian housekeeper and, by then, foster son went too.


After living in London for five or six years the boy, now grown up, returned to Paraty.


Not long after, the Englishman quit his job and also moved to Paraty, at least for part of the year. After refurbishing his original house together with one of the best local architects, they looked around for another restoration project in the historic centre of Paraty. They found a house in the rua Samuel Costa with a beautiful 18th façade, but totally dilapidated inside.


Over the course of three years between 2008-2010, this second property, Casa Colonial 12, was completely restored to a level of style and comfort that is uncommon in the Centro Histórico, but nonetheless respecting the strict architectural and cultural planning requirements of the Património, that are taken very seriously in Paraty.


The idea to run it as a small guesthouse came from realising the opportunity that Paraty was facing, with the eyes of the world on Brazil, and being one of the most agreeable short trip destinations from Rio and São Paulo. But also out of a frustration with what was then the largely disappointing standard of accomodation in the town.


The guesthouse was a great success, and the Englishman decided to turn his main house, Casa Dona Geralda, with its beautiful walled garden and deep-blue pool, into a five-room boutique hotel.


Today Cleberson, the Englishman's foster son, assists his partner, Daniela, the hotel manager in running the hotel and guesthouse. A number of other younger members of the family currently work with them, taking the opportunity to learn about good standards of service and hospitality, making guests welcome, and - with varying degrees of success, learning English.


The income generated by the boutique hotel and guesthouse goes exclusively towards the school fees of the kids from the extended family of those who work at or with Casa Colonial Paraty.


We hope you'll like the history that's such an important part of our story and feel a warm family welcome at Casa Colonial Paraty.


Casa Colonial 12 restoration project

Before the current restoration of Casa Colonial 12 in 2010 little of substance had been done to the building since its construction in the 18th century.


The house was in virtually original, albeit completely dilapidated, condition. There were a number of walls constructed of "pau a pique" (wattle and daub), the Paraty version of which uses thin branches of local bamboo, bound with seaweed and then filled with clay. These surviving walls are preserved under the new plaster.

The restoration (rules are very strictly enforced by the património in Paraty) preserved not only the fine exterior but also the internal layout. We have adapted the house strictly within these requirements but successfully adding the bathrooms, air conditioning and many other 21st century necessities that make the hotel a comfortable blend of history and luxury.

All the original hinges and 'window irons', roof tiles, window and door frames were skillfully restored by local craftsmen, using techniques that have probably changed little since the original construction.

The name "Casa Colonial 12" comes as a result of cleaning the accumulated years of paintwork off the front door and revealing the original number 12 underneath. This has caused some confusion for the postal service since there are two other, more recent, number 12's in Rua Samuel Costa.

The restoration was the work of local architect Zé Cassio Wallerstein and the paintings in the guest lounge are by a local artist Marcio Franco.


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