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Suggested excursions

Strolling around the old town is a joy in itself, with its cobbled streets, colonial architecture, churches, cafes, museums and galleries to be discovered.

If you are staying for more than one night you will have time to enjoy some of the many other attractions of the area.


Boat trips around Paraty bay

A stroll along the river front or the town pier after breakfast will reveal a busy market of boat owners offering tourists trips to the bay's beaches and islands on boats of varying size and sophistication. Exploring the bay by boat should not be missed.

Prices vary dramatically according to the season, day of the week, size of boat and general level of demand. Larger boats tend to be cheaper, they enrol 30-150 individual passengers (or until they reach capacity) and will then set off.


Smaller boats cost more, can take 4-12 passengers and can also be hired privately. They offer more bespoke trips, visiting the more unusual, smaller and quieter beaches and bays. 


For a particularly special experience we recommend a speedboat with capacity for 4-7 passengers. The charming, English-speaking captain takes pride in showing the very best of the Paraty bay and, with beaches, islands, tranquil bays, swimming, snorkeling and diving on offer, will tailor the excursion to your particular interests.

We can advise you on all the options and help organise your bay excursion.


Guided tours of the old town

We can hire a well-informed Portuguese and English speaking local guide for guests who would like a tailored tour or to discover the town in more depth. 


Horse riding

Horseback rides can be designed around your capability and interest, and can include popular features such as local scenic waterfalls, sections of the Gold Trail (Caminho do Ouro), or a visit to an old cachaça (rum) distillery together with tastings.


Nearby beaches

There are many beautiful beaches along this stretch of the coast, some of which can be reached by car, and some only by foot or by boat.

Particularly picturesque, and just twenty minutes by car from Paraty, is Trindade, a collection of beautiful beaches on the border of between the states of Rio and São Paulo. There are surfers' beaches, casual beach restaurants, and a natural sea water swimming pool surrounded by rocks.

We can organise a car, taxi or even boat to transport you, indicate buses, or book a trail guide for the more energetic and adventurous.



There are several spectacular waterfalls close by, which are the ideal place to cool off on a hot day.


At the Cachoeira do Tobogão (the Toboggan Waterfall) you can practise your rock surfing – or better still, watch the expert locals show off their skills.


Speak to us to book a taxi or rent a bicycle, or to find out about local buses.

Hiking along the "Gold Trail"

Paraty's first source of wealth and fame came from it being the port through which gold from the mines of Minas Gerais was exported to Portugal.

Paraty was connected to the historic gold mining towns via a 1200 km road known as the Caminho do Ouro (Gold Trail) that descended through the mountains above the town.


Submitted for inclusion on the World Heritage List in 2004, parts of the trail near Paraty have been excavated and hiking trips are now available.


Treetop adventure, zip-lining and canoeing

Treetop adventure courses and zip-lining of different levels of challenge are available nearby, as well as kayak trips along the Perequê-Açú river.  

Available at weekends and on holidays, and on other days if booked in advance, you can be collected from the hotel to take part in these adventures.


The area abounds in wildlife of all kinds and birds in abundance. Parrots, humming birds, tanagers, and water birds are of particular interest.

Birdwatching remains surprisingly undeveloped in Brazil, especially considering the riches on offer. However, there is an excellent small bird watching reserve nearby with 2km of trails to explore with an excellent local guide.

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